AAU Karate Florida

Athlete Divisions:

Gender: Male and Female

Age: Your Age is determined by your Age as of July 1, 2024:
Youth: Age 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18
Adult: Age 19-34
Senior: Age 35-75

Experience: Your experience and belt color are determined by your years of karate training (Not years of competition) as of July 1, 2024:
Beginner: Less than 1 year / White Belt
Novice: 1 year but less than 2 years / Green Belt
Intermediate: 2 years but less than 4 years / Brown Belt
Advanced: 4 years or more / Black Belt (If you are a Black Belt you MUST participate in the Advanced Division)

Note: Divisions may be combined or divided at the discretion of the Event Directors!

Non-Athlete Clinics:

Referee (Ages 13 +)
Coach (Ages 13 +)
Volunteer (Ages 13+)

Note: Participants may register for both Athlete Divisions and 1 Non-Athlete Clinics if desired.
Referees / Volunteers will be dismissed from their Ring Assignments in time to prepare for their Divisions if competing!
AAU Karate Florida

Florida events are officiated under the direction of licensed AAU Karate Referees and Judges applying AAU Karate Rules fairly and impartially with emphasis / modification in the following areas:

AAU Karate Florida Rules (Go to for a complete copy of AAU Karate Rules)
Traditional Okinawan weapons of proper weight and design (Bo, Tonfa, Eku, Nunchaku, Sai & Kama)
Single elimination / Long and Short weapons combined
Traditional Katas from recognized styles of Karate
Single elimination / All styles combined
Kumite / Sanbon:
3 points
Half and full point scoring
Single elimination / All weights combined

Beginner - Novice - Intermediate / All Ages / Male & Female: 2 minutes running time
Advanced / Youth / Age 13-18 / Male & Female: 2 minutes stop time
Advanced / Adult / Age 19-34 / Female: 3 minutes stop time
Advanced / Adult / Age 19-34 / Male: 3 minutes stop time
Advanced / Senior / Age 35+ / Male & Female: 2 minutes running time
Safety Equipment:
AAU approved White naugahyde mitts
Gum shield
Groin cup (Males)
AAU approved White headgear with face-shield (Youth)
AAU approved Red & Blue naugahyde mitts (Aka can wear White or Red mitts and Shiro can wear White or Blue mitts)
AAU approved boot / instep pads (The boot / instep pad color must match the mitt color worn during the match)
White cloth shin / instep pads (Youth / Adult / Senior)
Chest protector (Worn under uniform top)
AAU approved White headgear with face-shield (Adult / Senior)
Dress Code
AAU Karate Florida
Dress Code
Clean white traditional uniform (No rolled sleeves / cuffs, trademarks, embroidery, logos, piping or stripes)
AAU Patch on left chest of uniform
Correctly colored belt for competition based on your years of karate training (See Categories)
Long hair should be neatly gathered with discreet elastic bands (No metal clips),
Finger / toe nails should be short and neatly trimmed
(No jewelry / earrings, hats, caps, headbands, and / or sweatbands)
Florida Gray or National Blue AAU Coach Shirt
Technical Only: Florida Green or National Red AAU Coaches Shirt
White Uniform Pants
Athletic Shoes
Coaches shall not wear their own team, organization or club jackets
(Note: If you were certified at the AAU National Karate Championships as a Technical Coach you may wear a Florida Green or National Red AAU Coach Shirt. If you are wearing a Green or Red Shirt you must have your AAU National Coach License (Received at the AAU National Karate Championships) available if challenged!
AAU Karate Florida will not issue new Referee / Coaches /Volunteer licenses for 2024
Coaches will need to register for each event and pay Coaching fees as specified
White Shirt
Gray Pants
Black Belt
Black Socks
Black Shoes
Blue Blazer (Optional)
AAU Karate Florida Volunteer T-Shirt (New Volunteers will receive at Clinic)
AAU Karate Florida
  1. Approved Events and Point standings are posted on your Page at:
  2. Always use the All Points tab to check your Points and to see current 1st Place Winners as that is the official record.
    (From All Points you can select the Division to see Athletes and then Athlete to see the Events for that Athlete)
  3. Athletes will earn points at AAU Karate Florida Championship Series events as follows:
    1st Place: 30 points
    2nd Place: 20 points
    3rd Place: 10 points
    Participant: 5 points
  4. Award categories are not further divided by Light & Heavy. If a Division is split at one or more events during the season, the Athletes in both groups will receive separate medals and equal points for that Division.
  5. If an Athlete changes Divisions after earning points, those points are not transferred to the new Division.
  6. To request a point correction, please Log In and select Contact Us: Results on or before June 30th. All results become final as posted on July 1st.
  1. Athletes with the highest accumulative points in their Division at the end of the season will be eligible to receive Athlete of the Year Awards.
  2. Only those Athletes posted as 1st place for each category at the end of the season will receive an award.
  3. Only the points earned for the Division that the Athlete is in at the close of the season in May will be considered for Awards.

2023 Winners can pick up their awards at the first event, the AAU Karate Florida Kick-Off Tournament & Clinics on Saturday, January 27, 2024 in St. Leo, Florida. Note that all 2023 awards MUST be picked up at this event! Due to the size and weight of these trophies we can no longer store or transport unclaimed awards.

To limit the number of persons in specific areas for each event we have implemented strict procedures and scheduling. For awards pick up the process is as follows:
From 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM each Club should designate a representative to pick up all of the trophies from that Club and then distribute them to their Winners. Remember that 2023 trophies are 36” tall and very heavy so please arrange appropriate labor and transportation if picking up multiple awards.
It’s time for a change! Look for an exciting new award for 2024!